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Memorial Beads

Memorial Beads

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  • Forest


    A lush, cool mossy green.

  • Emerald

    A vibrant gemstone green.

    Birthstone: May

  • Peridot

    A mesmerizing yellow green.

    Birthstone: August

  • Grey Green

    A neutral medium grey-green.

  • Teal

    A vivid tropical sea blue.

    Birthstone: March

  • Dark Teal

    A deep, stormy ocean green blue.

    Birthstone: June

  • Cobalt

    A classic, elegant inky blue.

    Birthstone: September

  • Azure

    A medium sky blue.

    Birthstone: December

  • Aqua

    A light, serene medium blue.

  • Sea Glass

    A pale, semi-opaque blue.

    Birthstone: October

  • Dark Amber

    A rich, warm bottle brown.

  • Amber

    A warm, classic amber.

    Birthstone: November

  • Ruby

    A bright, vibrant ruby red.

    Birthstone: July

  • Pale Rose

    A delicate, semi-opaque rosy pink.

  • Light Violet

    A soft pink-purple.

  • Lilac

    A bright, semi-opaque medium purple.

  • Purple

    A dark, cool purple.

    Birthstone: February

  • Plum

    A warm, deep purple.

    Birthstone: January

  • Black

    A deep, opaque black, reminiscent of the night sky.

  • Smokey Quartz

    A soft, smokey neutral grey.

  • Clear

    A crystal clear glass.

    Birthstone: April

  • Sunshine

    A vibrant, mostly opaque yellow.

  • Golden

    A warm, opaque golden yellow.

  • Bright Yellow

    A bright, cool semi-transparent yellow.

Each memorial bead is handmade with care and respect, creating a tangible tribute to your lost loved one that you can wear daily, or to mark special occasions.

A small amount of ash is picked up over a layer of molten coloured glass and then encased in clear glass, which is hand shaped into an orb. The bead is then annealed in a kiln to ensure durability. Once completely cooled, the bead is hand wrapped and finished with two delicate end caps. Each completed memorial bead is approximately .5" (1.27cm) in diameter and comes ready to add to your favourite necklace. You can also purchase a beautiful 18" sterling silver rolo chain. All jewellery components are sterling silver.

If you are interested in having a bead made in a custom colour please reach out to me here. I'm happy to work with you to create a special memorial that captures the essence of your lost loved one.

Every glass bead I create is handcrafted, and may vary slightly in shape, size and colour.

* Please allow 2-4 weeks for completion once ash has been received.